Debbi Gilson

Debbi Gilson

My passion for language ranges from a fascination with obscure grammar rules to utter delight in groan-inducing puns.

A strict rule-follower, I’ve always believed structure doesn’t need to stifle creativity. Establishing parameters like SEO and tone of voice guidelines doesn’t need to suppress freedom to create communications that tell a story, paint a picture, and, of course, drive sales!

My career has taken me from small businesses to large, B2C to B2B, and through research for writing, I’ve learned about topics ranging wildly from entertainment to motorcycle racing to home automation to cloud accounting. I’ve written catalog blurbs about security cameras, tweets promoting contests, newsletters to 40,000 music enthusiasts, and web copy designed to rise to the top of a search page. And I’ve loved every minute of it!

Most recently, I’ve spent eight years at a top software company, developing the global brand tone of voice and writing style guidelines, mentoring all corporate writers, and collaborating with the design team and multiple company departments to create materials that market products, promote the company’s annual conference, and communicate with the company’s 13,000 employees. I have an entrepreneurial spirit that helps me track down the necessary information to create authentic, compelling copy.

Please take a look at my writing samples. If you’re seeking a senior-level copywriter with a focus on brand, a passion for language, and endless enthusiasm, please get in touch. I could be just what your marketing team needs to get noticed, get sales, and get ahead.

Expertise Copywriting; editing; SEO; tone of voice; branding; Gregg, AP, and Chicago styles

Skills Benefit-oriented copywriting; campaign development; SEO; websites; banners; social media; tradeshow booths; emails; direct mail; contests; newsletters

Location Aliso Viejo, CA